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Home Sweet Home Review

There seems to be a resurgence of popularity in the ‘home invasion’ sub-genre of horror in the last year or so, and while there are plenty of cliche’s and similarities between all of the films in said sub-genre, some still manage to come off as rather original and very entertaining. David Morlet was able to deliver one of these with his project, “Home Sweet Home,” released earlier this year.

Morlet’s version of the home invasion seems to be a very unique and welcoming one. Instead of a couple or family being terrorized by menacing strangers while trapped inside their home(s), “Home Sweet Home” tells the story of a couple who come home to a stranger already awaiting them.

The opening set up to the film is great and I couldn’t help but notice the painstaking amount of detail David Morlet and co. were able to squeeze into every shot. From the water droplet falling from the sink faucet to the later drops of blood cascading off of Frank’s crimson-soaked hair, everything in this film is fantastically well done. On top of all that, the cinematography is stunning and Nicolas Massart is clearly a genius behind a camera.

The acting in this film was really very surprising as I did not know what to expect going in blindly to ‘just another home invasion movie.’ Meghan Heffern and Adam MacDonald both did great as the husband and wife team and Shaun Benson’s performance as the killer was awesome. The mask being void of any and all expression did wonders at being strikingly creepy and, although it is unlikely, I’d love to see if Morlet can squeeze a sequel out of this character.

If you want to check out a home invasion movie that bends the rules just enough to keep you guessing, look no further than “Home Sweet Home.” It gets a rating of 4 finger paintings out of 5 from yours truly.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    That story indeed sounds original. Very well written review again, I think you’re doing a great job with that. I need to check this movie out!

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