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Mojin: The Worm Valley Review

Mojin The Worm Valley poster

As I try to get my schedule back on track since returning from my family vacation, I decided to give a different type of film my attention. A break from my normal horror fare, this week I will discuss Xing Fei’s Mojin: The Worm Valley.

The Plot

In hopes of lifting a centuries old curse, a group of friends must embark on a treacherous journey to find the tomb of Emperor Xian. In their path stands a myriad of creatures, one more deadly than the last.

My Thoughts

While I generally hate to go into sequels without having previously seen their predecessors, I decided to do just that, this time around. The sequel to 2015’s Mojin – The Lost Legend, this 2018 movie is part horror, part action, and part fantasy, mixing the three film genres together quite effectively.

Mojin: The Worm Valley features an extremely talented cast, which makes up the main characters of the team known as the Mojin Six. Each team member has their own unique characteristics with their personalities fully fleshed out rather impressively. Writer and director Xian Fei has made it extremely easy to fall in love with each of his characters in one way or another throughout the movie’s 111 minute runtime.

Even more impressive than the characterization seen throughout this film is the vast amount of visual special effects. As our heroes trek across the dangerous terrain of this fantastical world, they are met with countless amounts of obstacles. These obstacles come in the form of monsters of every shape and size. Fighting their way through everything from piranha-type flesh-eating fish to gargantuan crab-like beasts, their is no shortage of spectacular looking action sequences.

The Verdict

As a movie lover who mostly sticks to the horror genre, it isn’t often that I get to watch films with so much ambition. Mojin: The Worm Valley takes the best parts of creature feature and monster flicks and adds in an overdose of fantasy and action. It is quite fun from the start and I would love to see another sequel in the film’s series. That is, of course, after I go back and hunt down a copy of the first film in the franchise!

Make sure to be up your own copy of Mojin: The Worm Valley, available on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment today. It is an entertaining movie from start to finish and an exciting way to break up your every day horror viewing experiences.

I give Xing Fei’s Mojin: The Worm Valley 4.5 flameflies out of 5.

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