You’ll Never See Home

The Last Days on Mars Review

Being a fan of films like The Thing and Alien, I am always looking for the next great title that combines the best of both the horror and science fiction genres. There have been a few good ones over the past couple of years, but none quite like Ruairi Robinson’s The Last Days on Mars.

The crew aboard the Tantalus have been on a Mars mission for the past six months. With less than one day remaining, protocols are broken, when one crew member secretly discovers a living organism in his collected samples. What the crew quickly finds out is that this living organism is a virulent bacteria that they wish they could un-discover.

This 2013 space horror film is no Gravity, but with a fraction of that film’s budget, it still manages to look rather good. With beautiful camera work from director of photography Robbie Ryan, we get to see beautiful wide shots of what the crew is experiencing on a daily basis. From dust storms to pitch-black nights, Vincent Campbell (Liev Schrieber) and the rest of the Tantalus team are truly immersed in a terrifying situation.

Each actor did a wonderful job creating their own persona for their respective characters. Whether you love or hate one of the crew, it still effects you to some degree when they meet their end.

This film turned out to not only be a great science fiction space odyssey, but also a very enjoyable zombie film. Instead of the flesh-hungry or comical brain-craving undead horror fans have grown used to, these zombies are intelligent, utilizing tools and the environments around them to help batter and maim their victims. Thus, breathing some new life into the over-populated sub-genre.

I give this film 3 injections out of 5.

Be sure to pick up the film on DVD or blu-ray from Magnet Releasing, out now.

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  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    It’s a good film indeed, I felt it was really original

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