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Willow Creek Review

Willow Creek

It seems like I was waiting forever to see Bobcat Goldthwait’s bigfoot film, Willow Creek. I remember hearing about it, reading about it, watching the trailer, and being ridiculously excited about it. My interest was piqued. However, it seemed like the film disappeared from my radar for a while. I did some digging and actually came across it on the Playstation Store, of all places. I debated buying it for a few days because I am not a fan of digital copies in any way shape or form. Frank even tried to deter me by telling me to wait for a hard copy, but after two days, I gave in.

I waited anxiously for the download to finish, turned the lights out, the volume up, and pressed play. I had pretty well hyped myself up for this film and was not going to take anything less than awesome. I hoped that it was superior to Hunting the Legend, which Frank and I have different opinions about, and personally I think Willow Creek is leaps and bounds better.

It has many similarities to The Blair Witch Project. I know, most found footage films do, but the difference is other films really try way too hard to achieve the mind games and subtle scares that Blair Witch is famous for. I mean, some people just get “it,” while other people just can’t stand the shaky camera action.

Willow Creek has solid acting… really solid acting, which aids in its authenticity and can really keep you in the moment, instead of criticising the haphazard way some lines are delivered. This film hits the nail on the head as far as the “fear of the unknown.” Everything frightening is on the other side of the tent, out there, in the dark.

For some, this genre has worn out its welcome. For others, like me, it’s fun and exciting (when done correctly). Jim has a slight obsession with the bigfoot legend and with his non-believing girlfriend, Kelly, in toe, they head to the famous Willow Creek, where in 1967 the original “bigfoot” footage was captured. Enjoying all of the tourist attractions and interviewing locals before heading out into the woods, the trip seems to be a good time, if nothing else… until locals take an aggressive approach in warning Jim and Kelly to go home and stay out of the woods. Obviously they don’t listen and venture out into the wilderness, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and each other’s company. Once night falls, however, they find out very quickly that they are not alone. While Jim is convinced that it is in fact bigfoot, Kelly is not so quick to become a believer. She is certain locals are trying to scare them away, but how far will they go to keep outsiders away?

If you are a fan of creature features or found footage films, please please please check this one out. I give it 4 clumps of hair out of 5.

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