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NECA | Repulsive Reviews | Horror Collectibles Spine-Chilling Spotlight

Last week I showcased a company that puts out some amazing merchandise that all horror fans can appreciate. Luckily for us diehard collectors, there is more than one distributor out there that aides in feeding our ever-growing horror shrines. One of the best ones doing it today is, of course, NECA.

NECA, short for National Entertainment Collectibles Association, is one of the largest manufacturers of toys, statues, and other collectibles anywhere. They have released merchandise based on all of our favorite comic book characters, video game properties, and more. The most exciting, however, are all of the horror collectibles!

Perhaps most well-known for their variety of window-boxed 7″ scale figures, NECA has been crowding my shelves for years now. I personally make it a point to own all of the Friday the 13th/Jason Voorhees figures in the 7″ line, as well as some other random characters like Chucky and the 8-bit iteration of good old Leatherface.

The figures released by NECA are some of the most detailed I’ve seen since the days McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs ruled collectors’ shelves. Not only do the molds of each character look amazing, but each package comes full of bonus accessories. For example, the Jason Lives Voorhees figure comes with a machete, a serrated knife, an extra hand to switch grips, a spear, and more.

Whether you keep your collectibles in their original packaging or love to display them out-of-the-box in all of their glory, you will always have tons of choices in regards to poses, stances, etc.

If the tons of figures they have in their catalog, which features over 60 merchandise licenses, isn’t enough, they also happen to release accessory sets to build your collection(s) even more. The most recent that I can think of is an amazing Nightmare on Elm Street pack featuring Elm Street signs, a Freddy Worm standing over 12″ tall, and a Freddy television set as seen in Dream Warriors.

If you love collecting horror merchandise, you cannot go wrong with anything NECA is pumping out. Be sure to constantly check out their official news page for upcoming products and all types of other exciting announcements.

Already have a NECA collection that you’re proud of? Comment below and let me know your favorite piece or tell me which figure you’re looking forward to the most! I’d love to hear what all of you guys currently have on your shelves.


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