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I Like to Kill Sh*t

Abominable Review

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It has been something of an on-again off-again quest of mine, over the years, to watch as many bigfoot films as I can. There have been some good and some bad, but there was one that always seemed to elude me.  Now, with its brand new remaster and first time Blu-ray release, there was no better time to finally sit down and watch Ryan Schifrin’s Abominable.

Confined to a wheelchair on the second floor of his home with a [...]

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Another Darwin Award

Abominable Review


I tend to get a kick out of those SyFy (Sci Fi) Channel original films, regardless of how big of a schlock-fest they end up being. I grew up on Creature Feature and Monstervision, so I have a big soft spot for cornball cinema. Ryan Schifrin’s 2006 film, Abominable, is a prime example of expecting nothing and getting a decent surprise.

The cast is a horror fan’s dream for sure, starring Matt McCoy, Jeffrey Combs, Paul Gleason, Lance [...]

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