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Evil Dead Review

As soon as the word ‘remake’ is uttered, horror fans immediately get their angry faces on and start to protest. I can understand that mentality to a certain extent, but I always make sure to at least give the films a chance to speak for themselves before jumping on the hatred bandwagon. The funny thing is, most remakes I watch usually turn out pretty good. One of my favorites in this remake, reboot, and re-imagining trend is most certainly Fede Alvarez’s take on “Evil Dead.”

I am a loyal fan of the movies in the original “The Evil Dead” series, so I can sympathize with some of the hesitation fans may have had when first hearing about a remake being in the works. After its official release, however, I knew that Fede Alvarez had made a film that not only captured the best parts of the original Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell project, but also made something completely original, with his own flare and modern flavor. It does help that Campbell, Raimi, and executive producer Rob Tapert were also on board with Alvarez the entire way through.

I really can’t say anything bad about 2013’s “Evil Dead.” I enjoyed everything that it had to offer — the practical effects were amazing, the story had a modern twist, making it more relatable, and the acting was outstanding. It was nice to see a cast of fresh, new talent that actually knew what they were doing and could actually deliver real performances. I may also be a little biased when it comes to the cast because I want to marry Jane Levy… but that’s a minor detail!

Loyal Raimi, Campbell, and franchise fans should openly embrace this installment into the franchise and not be so quick to hate on something just because it’s a remake. It won’t take away from the previous films and it won’t magically erase the existence of them either. If you have not given Fede Alvarez’s “Evil Dead” a chance, you my friend, are certainly missing out on a great film and a great overall horror experience.

I give it 4.5 dead cats out of 5.

2 Responses to Feast on This, Mother F*cker!

  1. Mathijs Pluijmen says:

    I must admit that I was skeptical about this movie as well, I expected it to be trash. But I liked it a lot and I thought that the special effects were done very well. The story was indeed original too, it’s not at all like they took the original story and literally copied that. And that was a pleasant surprise for me too. Very well written review, I agree 100% with it. And yes, it’s understandable that you want to marry Jane Levy.

  2. Raven Hunter says:

    i saw this opening night in theaters. and i loved it. ive watched it prolly 6 times since release. will be very sad if they dont do a 2.

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