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Everybody’s Afraid Sometime

Venom Review

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One of my favorite things about the horror genre is the diversity of its antagonists. The killers of our favorite movies come in all shapes and sizes. There are the brooding villains from the slasher films, supernatural entities that haunt and hunt their prey alike. Hell, there are even killer gingerbread men and murdering puppets! However, among all of these, some of my favorite films are those that utilize nature’s various killers. You know, films like Jaws, Shakma, [...]

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Blood Works Best

Venom Review

Chances are if you weren’t paying close attention to the horror genre in 2005, Jim Gillespie’s Venom might have slipped right under your radar. With stuff like Wolf Creek, Hostel, The Devils Rejects, and a slew of remakes making their way to theaters, it was tough to pick and choose. I happened to buy Venom when it made it’s way to DVD and remember it being a little less than stellar.

Recently, revisiting it made me remember [...]

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