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Godzilla on Monster Island! Review

As the years passed by and more Godzilla sequels were released, the Toho Company and the filmmakers involved in the franchise had to do everything they could to up the ante every time a new entry was created. With space invaders, a higher monster count, and better special effects, Jun Fukuda’s Godzilla on Monster Island! was the most ambitious and creative film in the series to date.

Two men who call themselves the chairmen of a non-profit organization in charge of building a peace-themed amusement park turn out to be cockroach aliens from outer space. With the help of their space monsters, King Ghidorah and Gigan, they plan to destroy all of the giant creatures who live on Monster Island, including Godzilla and his buddy, Anguirus.

Giant monsters don’t seem to be enough for the Toho company so the next logical step for them was to create giant space monsters. The writing for this film was definitely the most creative I’ve witnessed in the Godzilla series, thus far;  The story was pretty outrageous, but what can you expect from a kaiju film from 1972?

We are introduced to even more monsters than in the past, including my two new favorites, Gigan and Ghidorah. The designs for these baddies are pretty awesome — Gigan has hooks for hands and feet and a giant buzzsaw coming out of his stomach, while Ghidorah is a golden, three-headed dragon with horns! It doesn’t get much better than that, folks!

The monster battles are long and bizarre at times, but they are much more entertaining this time around. It is fun to see each monsters’ specific strengths and fighting styles.

Godzilla on Monster Island! definitely has the best soundtrack and sound design out of all three Godzilla films I’ve watched in the past week. The music this time around was much more appropriate, properly conveying the impending doom and destruction that these creatures bring with every encounter. Thankfully, no more silly surf music!

The creatures are starting to look better with each film and this time we actually get to see Godzilla blink for, what I believe, is the first time on camera. Not only that, but Godzilla and his tiny friend, Anguirus, shed blood. I know for a fact that this it the first time we’ve seen the monsters bleed at all, so things are getting a little more realistic.  Well, as realistic as a giant monster movie can get, I guess…

This has been my favorite Godzilla film so far, so I most certainly recommend checking it out. This is the final re-release by Section 23/Kraken Releasing, so be sure to pick up a copy of the blu-ray release!

I give this film 3 dragon heads out of 5!

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