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Killjoy Goes to Hell Review

Killjoy Goes to Hell

I have to admit that a few years ago I rented the first Killjoy film and was a little disappointed in the lack of quality behind it. Although it had a wonderful premise and a pretty nasty villain, the film wasn’t as good as it could have been. With that being my introduction to the character, I had pretty much written ol’ Killjoy off… until I got Full Moon Streaming. After hitting up all of my favorite films from the catalog, I slowly started to delve into all the other films I’ve been missing. Oddly enough, I chose to start with the fourth film in the series, but man, am I glad I did!

Killjoy is a demon who, despite putting his best foot forward, tends to mess up from time to time, letting people escape and even defeat him. For this, he is summoned and brought to trial for not being evil enough. While this film doesn’t have buckets of blood and tons of kills, it does let us get to know Killjoy and his crew of clowns, all of whom are played incredibly well. This movie has a certain charm about it that just about anyone can get behind.

I laughed hysterically at pretty much every joke that was thrown out and couldn’t get enough. If you’re a Troma fan, the name Trent Haaga will probably be super familiar, but if not, it will be after watching Killjoy Goes to Hell. Trent’s over-the-top bad-assery as Killjoy is spot on. Trust me, you are going to want to love him… and you probably will end up doing so. His main squeeze, Batty Boop, is lovingly played by Victoria De Mare who relishes in the role of a wildly insane and jealous love interest of our main man. Al Burke owns it as Punchy, the muscle of the crew, and Tai Chan Ngo does a fantastic job using his movements and facial expressions as the mime, Freakshow.

I promise you, that you will laugh. This is an excellent way to get introduced to the franchise, even if the plot of the previous film is spoiled, but if you’re like me it will make you want to watch the rest of them… in order this time.

Check it out on www.fullmoonstreaming.com. I personally give this film 3.5 objections out of 5.

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