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Clownado Review

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As much as I love serious films that require you to pay close attention and keep a watchful eye over every little detail, it is way more fun to turn on a horror flick that you can mindlessly watch with no real commitment whatsoever. That is what I hoped for with Todd Sheets’ Clownado and I am happy to report that it is everything I expected and more!

The Plot

After brutally murdering her lover, Savannah gets her revenge on a group of clowns by cursing them, forever binding them to a traveling tornado. The clowns are out for their own revenge, however, as they begin a killing spree that is seemingly impossible to stop.

My Thoughts

With a title like Clownado, it’s pretty easy to predict what you’re getting yourself into upon pressing play. This film wasn’t made to win any awards. Instead, it was made to provide indie horror fans an outlet to enjoy themselves with boobs, blood, and killer clowns!

Having seen a few of Todd Sheets’ films before, I’ve become pretty familiar with the man’s style. While his signature over-the-top gore is still intact, it is ever increasing ability to improve that I love the most about him.

With each subsequent film that I’ve watched, there are always evident improvements in almost all aspects of filmmaking. Everything from the types of cameras used and lighting to sound design and special effects are a step forward from the last project churned out by this prolific Kansas City writer, director, and overall jack of all trades.

Not only does Sheets show massive strides, but so do the performers who manage to popup in all of his work. Familiar faces like Dilynn Fawn Harvey (Dreaming Purple Neon), the mighty Antwoine Steele (House of Forbidden Secrets), and even Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons) make their return in Clownado. It is the newcomers, however, that really do the best with what they are given.

I did enjoy seeing these constant collaborators return for new roles in the twisted universe that only Todd Sheets can conjure up, but my favorite performance of all comes from someone who I am not familiar with. In Clownado, we are introduced to some of the most vicious, murderous clowns ever seen in film. The leader of this rowdy bunch is Big Ronnie, played brilliantly by John O’Hara.

While I wasn’t completely onboard with O’Hara’s performance straight away, I did grow to appreciate him more and more as the film’s 99 minutes rolled on. Sounding like a villain straight out of Dick Tracy, O’Hara’s Ronnie was a treat every time he was on screen, terrorizing whichever victim happened to get in his way at that particular moment. Him and his merry band of misfit clowns really are a force to be reckoned with, both before and after becoming even more powerful by the evil tornado curse.

Clownado is easily Todd Sheets’ most ambitious film to date. Crowdfunded by a campaign on Indiegogo, it is clear to see that every penny earned went to good use. The over-the-top gore that fans have come to expect look better than ever and even the sci-fi heavy digital effects are way more impressive than I could have ever anticipated.

Clownado at Home

Clownado is available now on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing. The Region-free home release is presented in a widescreen format with a stereo audio track and optional English subtitles.

There are a number of bonus features available alongside the film, including an audio commentary track, a 30+ minute behind-the-scenes featurette, trailers, and more.

The Verdict

Clownado is classic Todd Sheets ramped up to the max. The film isn’t to be taken too seriously; With its bar fights, big breasts, powerful witches, Elvis impersonators, copious amounts of blood and guts, and a body count too high to count, it is one hell of a time.

If you are looking for even more killer clown fun, pair this flick up with Billy Pon’s Circus of the Dead or Marcus Koch’s 100 Tears and prepare for a full night of extreme horror.

Be sure to grab a copy of Clownado today, as I give it 3 of the best Italian steaks in the state out of 5.

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