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The Task Review

After Dark Originals has put out some pretty good low-budget films over the past few years. Director Alex Orwell’s The Task is one hell of a fun movie. We’ve seen the reality show/found footage horror formula almost beaten to death since the success of films like The Last Broadcast or The Blair Witch Project. Sometimes it can be tricky to breathe new life into something that has been beaten to death for nearly two decades. However, The Task manages to keep the concept original and frightening without really using a gross out factor or resorting to tired clichés.

The acting is very well done, light and humorous at times, as well as believable when the scares start coming. The premise follows a film crew launching a new reality show called “The Task,” a sort of Fear Factor meets Ghost Hunters adventure show. While the crew believes they have everything under control, things start to go wrong inside the walls of the prison location that was chosen for the episode. The question is are the events real or is it a network prank to put the crew in on the show?

This is a very well written film, which keeps you guessing and having a good time from opening to closing credits. I think what sets this movie apart from other reality show set ups is the characters’ development. While there isn’t a ton of it, none of the cast has that attention seeking whore attitude.

While watching The Task, I kept thinking of how bad Halloween: Resurrection was and how the characters irritated me beyond the point of comprehension. Writer Kenny Yakkel must hate that stereo-typical reality star attitude, as well; While his characters project a bit of “TV envy,” they don’t go so far as to flash tits to the cameras or over act.

This is a damn good outing for the After Dark Originals films. I personally give this movie 2.5 hidden cameras out of 5.

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