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They Have Been Given a Purpose

Overlord Review

Overlord Movie Review

Terrified soldiers are blasted out of the sky, their corpses strewn about the trees. What could be more horrible than the already terrifying atrocities of war? Continue reading my thoughts on Julius Avery’s Overlord to find out.

The Plot

A small group of American soldiers are tasked with destroying a radio-jamming tower which is heavily guarded by the Nazi regime. It isn’t until the men are inside that they realize where the true horrors of this war lie.

My Thoughts

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I Don’t Speak the Language of Thor

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead Review

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

After watching Dead Snow and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, it is clear to see that director Tommy Wirkola is heavily influenced by the work of Sam Raimi. Combining comedy and horror has been done plenty of times before and by a bunch of different filmmakers, but there are profound style similarities that can be seen in both Raimi and Wirkola’s work. Dead Snow had over-the-top gore and hilarious unexpected humor. Multiply those attributes by five and that’s what [...]

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There is Danger Here

Shock Waves Review

Shock Waves

With film series like Dead Snow and Outpost, I was sure that the Nazi zombie sub-genre was a fairly new one in the horror world. It seems I was mistaken as Ken Wiederhorn, John Kent Harrison, and Ken Pare told the story of undead SS super soldiers way before any of these films existed with their 1977 flick, Shock Waves.

A boat is taken out of commission, leaving its passengers stranded on a desolate island without their captain. [...]

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Mommy Doesn’t Wanna Play

Blood Soaked Review

Blood Soaked

I’ve sat through at least 90% of Wild Eye Releasing’s horror-related catalog, at this point. It is a great home to indie flicks like The Disco Exorcist, Exhumed, and Murder University, but for a lot of the films they distribute, it’s almost painful to sit through in one sitting. I’ve enjoyed a select few, but for the most part, I really dislike a lot of their movies. I still remain loyal to the label, though, and any [...]

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Oh, You’re Hummin’ My Balls!

Outpost Review


Have you ever wanted to see a movie really badly but just put it off, then when you finally sit down and watch it, it’s almost like you have been living in a cave and suddenly someone gave you a flashlight? That’s how I felt the other day, when I got around to watching Steve Barker’s 2007 film, Outpost.  Since I am a huge Dog Soldiers fan and I saw the similarities, I immediately knew that I was in [...]

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We’re Living in Hell

Gestapo's Last Orgy Review

Gestapo's Last Orgy

I recently reviewed a great documentary on the history of the video nasties list (see Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide). These films are seen as some of the most violent and obscene films ever created. Included on the list were films running the gamut of horror sub-genres, from slashers to cannibal flicks. One sub-genre that is also featured throughout the nasties is the rather obscure “Nazisploitation.” For my first foray into this Nazi exploitation realm, I chose Italian [...]

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