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Everly Review


Watching the series Holliston not only made me a bigger Adam Green fan, but it also made me appreciate Joe Lynch a whole lot more, as well. Although I had seen Wrong Turn 2 years ago, I didn’t quite remember being blown away by the film’s direction. After watching Green and Lynch together on Holliston, however, I was extremely excited to check out what Lynch had in store for his next project. His next project just happened to be a bad-ass revenge thriller called Everly.

Everly starts off with a bang. Multiple bangs actually… gunshots that is. Our title character, Everly, played by the ever-gorgeous and apparently not-aging-at-all Salma Hayek has been attacked in her apartment by a group of men. She is seen grabbing a gun from inside of the tank of her toilet bowl and commences the kill every last man in the apartment. The action doesn’t stop there either. In fact, the action doesn’t actually stop until the very last second of the film. The next 90 minutes, approximately, shows a myriad of individuals attempting to take Everly’s life, all because a hit has been ordered with a reward of $50k to the one successful. There are prostitutes, sadists, gangsters, and police officers all getting in on the fun and Everly’s apartment turns into a war zone, by the end of the film.

This Quentin Tarantino-esque action thriller is beautiful from start to finish. A combination of amazing practical effects, impressive digital visual effects, and outstanding work by DP, Steve Gainer, all combine to make a real work of art. I loved all of the camera shots, but my favorite was definitely the long shot down the apartment building’s hallway, from Everly’s door to the elevator. The scene itself was probably only about 60 seconds long, but it was fantastic to watch, especially because the end of the cut involved a grenade being thrown into an elevator full of men and the doors closing about 90% so that a thin line of red mist sprayed through the air as the bodies were blown to chunks. It was remarkable!

The pairing of director Joe Lynch and writer Yale Hannon can be compared to Batman and Robin. They are the perfect team and have brought us a truly entertaining film. To me, Everly plays out like an unofficial part of the Kill Bill series. There are outrageous action scenes that involve crazy weaponry (i.e. a hooker whose weapons of choice are a pair of sai) and copious amounts of blood and gore with deaths any true genre fan can appreciate.

Salma Hayek stole the show and even though she isn’t 24 years old anymore, she still looked phenomenal doing it. She kicked tons of ass in this flick, while still remaining true to a character who is a mother and only wants what is best for her daughter. She would do anything to save her family and Hayek portrayed these traits perfectly. She was loving, compassionate, and deadly all at the same time.

If you are a fan of revenge flicks and love your gore mixed with action, you will not want to miss out on Everly. The film is available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment and RADiUS.

I highly recommend this flick and give it 4 vials of sulfuric acid out of 5.

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